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Compensation with Bulgaria air

Дата: 19.03.2019

Why AvioClaim is the best helpmate to assist you to get flight compensation with Bulgaria Air?

As nowadays the number of passengers who have been harmed by a delayed or cancelled flight performed by the official Bulgarian carrier is getting higher and higher, we’ve decided to inform you how to get flight compensation with Bulgaria Air.

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So if you are also one of the many passengers who has become a victim of a delayed or a cancelled flight with Bulgaria Air, contact us and give us a shout. The highly skilled team of AvioClaim would do everything instead of you while you are cooling off at home

What do we know about Bulgaria Air?

Bulgaria Air, into operation since 2002, is the national carrier of Bulgaria, with headquarter based in the capital city Sofia. Further, it performs both domestic and international flights. When it comes to the first type, the cities of Varna and Burgas, both located on the seaside, are the domestic airports of Bulgaria air from Sofia.

The airline has also international routes to Africa, Europe, and Asia, reaching more than 80 destinations in these continents.

Bulgaria Air maintains interlining agreements with multiple airlines worldwide, including American Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Jet Airways, Finnair, Emirates, TAM Airlines and more.

What perhaps you don’t know is how to get flight compensation with Bulgaria Air in case your flight was cancelled or delayed for more than 3 hours.

EU Regulation EC 261/2004

In fact, similar to all other EU airline companies, passengers should not worry while flight delay/cancellation compensation claim norms are in place due to the EC REGULATION 261/2004. Moreover, it refers to passengers departing from any airport in the European Union, or from a non-EU airport with an EU airline to destination in the EU.

To be more precise, this rule applies for both cancelled and  delayed flights with Bulgaria Air (as an EU-based carrier):

  • Flights of 1500 km or less: compensation amount – 250 EUR
  • Flights of 1500 km to 3500 km: compensation amount – 400 EUR
  • Flights of more than 3500 km: compensation amount – 600 EUR

NOTE: The EU REGULATION 261/2004 does not apply when a flight has been delayed or cancelled due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ such as bad weather, security concerns (chance of a terror attack), airline’s staff strikes, natural disaster, and bird strike.

In these situations, the harmed customers are not be given any compensation.

Note: Even if you have been denied compensation or someone else has failed, let’s check. We have many cases in which we have turned NO into YES, and your right lasts 2 years. Just contact us and we will take care of your case.