What we should know if we fly through Sofia airport for the first time?

In case you are about to fly from Sofia airport for the first time, this article is right for you! We have gathered useful information that would help you catch your flight smoothly. First of all, the location. While some of the airports of the European capitals, such as London, Berlin, and Madrid, for instance, […]

7 myths about flying by air that we need to stop believing right now

Over the last two decades, flying has transformed from a luxurious pleasure into a popular practice accessible to (almost) everyone. With the boom of low-cost airlines, there are many myths, rumors, and misconceptions circulating we should stop believing in right now. From mobile phone policy to actual flight time, we’ve placed 7 airplane myths that […]

Compensation with Bulgaria air

Why AvioClaim is the best helpmate to assist you to get flight compensation with Bulgaria Air? As nowadays the number of passengers who have been harmed by a delayed or cancelled flight performed by the official Bulgarian carrier is getting higher and higher, we’ve decided to inform you how to get flight compensation with Bulgaria […]