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7 myths about flying by air that we need to stop believing right now

Дата: 13.07.2019

Over the last two decades, flying has transformed from a luxurious pleasure into a popular practice accessible to (almost) everyone.
With the boom of low-cost airlines, there are many myths, rumors, and misconceptions circulating we should stop believing in right now.

From mobile phone policy to actual flight time, we’ve placed 7 airplane myths that are simply untrue. So, read on.

1. The myth about mobile devices

Do we really have to turn off our mobile phones and portable electronic devices or keep them on airplane mode during a flight? No. The truth is that the planes are specially designed to withstand alien signals, and when it comes to mobile phones – they work at completely different frequencies.
No matter what they are trying to make you believe, there is no documented case of a crashed airplane because of the use of electronic devices in flight.

2. The myth about turbulence

Nobody likes turbulence, let’s face it. This is one of the things everyone wishes of not happening before an upcoming flight.
But we have to assume that it is a totally normal phenomenon, which in no way will lead to a crash or a collapse (as in the action movies).

3. The myth about flight duration

One of the most frequent practices of airlines is to report longer than the actual duration of each flight. In this way, they are insured against any delays.
In this line of thinking, we advise you not to believe the information that low-cost airlines give for the percentage of flights arriving on time.

4. A myth about getting drunk faster on a plane

Flying at higher altitudes surely makes you feel dizzy as if you’re in any other place with high altitude such as up in the mountains.
However, the higher altitude does not make alcohol more powerful or does not make a difference in the percentage of alcohol in your blood.

5. A myth about energy efficiency

Contrary to the popular belief, cars are far more energy-inefficient than airplanes because of the larger number of people who can be transported on a flight, which reduces carbon emissions per passenger mile.
So, yeas, flying is a surely greener way of transportation.

6. A myth about opening the door during a flight

From time to time, we hear crazy stories about travellers who have tried to open the doors of the plane during the flight.
The good news is that they can try everything that comes to mind, but that is absolutely impossible to happen, according to aviation experts, due to the pressure difference inside and outside the airplane during flight.

7. A myth about the dirty air on planes

In reality, the cabin air is relatively clean as the commercial air companies take air quality control very thoughtfully.
Further, most of them maintain high-standard filtration systems continually work to filter and recirculate stale cabin air with fresh air and thanks to the regular purifying of the air, cabin air is not as harmful as other caged spaces such as buses or trains.